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3 Favorite Etsy Finds

I'll admit it. I browse Etsy a lot. It was my Pinterest before Pinterest, and it's still one of my great loves—even before I became an Etsy seller. After all, it's an amazing source of inspiration and motivation to see what other artists and small business owners are doing. So often, I come across products that I simply adore—so here are three that I've come across lately that I think are worthy to be shared with the world.

1. "Awesome. Wow." T-shirt, LincolnCraftStudio

In the immortal words of King George, "Awesome, WOW!" Well, immortal at least in the musical Hamilton. This is one of my favorite funny lines from the show, just because of the way Jonathan Groff says it, and I think this T-shirt is totally AWESOME WOW.

2. BB-8 Flower Pot, FlourishAndPots

My husband is a Star Wars fanatic, and he happens to enjoy shopping on Etsy, too. He's the one that came across this Droid-inspired flower pot, and I gotta' say, it's really adorable. The store has versions for Chewy, R2D2—basically, all your favorite interplanetary characters.

3. "Majestically Awkward" Tank Top, JMJCustomTrends

Let's talk about things I need in my life—this flamingo tank top is one of them. Flamingos are majestic, and they are awkward, and I'm awkward, too, but not in a majestic way, really. Unless we're talking about just being really, really awkward, and then you got me nailed. Love this design—it's on my birthday list, for sure.

If you've bought anything from Etsy lately that you simply love, please let me know! I'm always on the look for new fun things.

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